The Web’s Lost Decade

Disinterring the online hellscape of the past 10–12 years

The alien ocean of In Other Waters is a symbol of hope in crisis

A gentle game of scientific discovery and ecological grief

None of the Above

Perhaps it’s too much to assume that any one replacement flag can meet New Zealand’s expectations.

Robots and Resource Depletion

Prevailing narratives of crisis reflect our inability to imagine an alternative future.

Avoiding Opposition?

Thirty years of neoliberalism has fractured left wing political parties to the point of existential crisis.

Ello Meets World

The tech media obsession with ad-supported business models ignores Facebook’s transition towards a global corporate nationhood.

Cutting Down the Golden Spruce

The story of a man who destroyed a famous golden tree.

The Shock of the Now

Are Google, Facebook and Amazon obliterating the web?

The Tragedy of the Von Erich Family

A uniquely American form of destruction

Evolution of a Singular Global Intelligence

Speculation about internet evolution and genetic algorithms.

Contradictions, Conspiracies & Cultural Logic

A review of a public lecture by Frederic Jameson.