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Cyclic Dungeon Generation

From A Handcrafted Feel: ‘Unexplored’ Explores Cyclic Dungeon Generation:

Paths are the base structure of most level generators. They create tree-like levels, often with only one solution. In Unexplored, cycles are used to create better flow and to present players with alternative solutions.
So how does this work? When Unexplored starts generating a dungeon it starts from an arbitrary starting point somewhere on the map. But instead of simply creating a branch to a target point it creates a cycle consisting of two paths connecting to the entrance to the goal. Each cycle has a path ‘a’ that leads from the entry point towards the goal, and a path ‘b’ that leads back. These cycles accommodate basic level design patterns far better than linear paths do.

This is interesting to me because it starts to connect the spatial architecture of levels with potential narrative structures.


Cyclic design patterns