Notes Antic Disposition

Rands Hits a Home-Run

A sigh is associated with despair. We’re screwed. Sigh. My interpretation is different; this long, deep breath is one of preparation. Let’s break it down: Breathe in. Gathering your strength. Oh shit, how am I going to deal with this? Hold it. Hold it. Ok, breathe out. Ok, not sure what the plan is, but let’s roll.

Taking A Deep Breath is indeed a brilliant perspective. Software industry zealots focus far too much effort on debating methodology for methodologies sake - every week I see more blog posts handwringing over why “we need a theory of software engineering”, as if that is the missing link needed to obviate project failure. Not likely. Metaphors can be just as useful, if not more so, in the fuzzy game of managing humans.

Perhaps design and technical managers should think about software projects more like the film industry, which over time has established a well defined creative and technical framework for the different pieces of the puzzle of making a film. I'm not saying there's any direct relationship from the interactions and rhythms of a software project to filmmaking, but a similar level of teamwork, creative energy and passion is necessary. There’s no clerical formula for success in regulated 9-5 working hours, but there do exist extremely well defined roles on software and web projects (much more so in the game industry, interestingly enough). Chatter about 'Agile' or 'Scrum', often serves to dilute the importance of the actuality of these roles, and debating process is beside the point. It’s having the right players in the right positions with the right attitude and intensity that wins, regardless of the strategy and tactics that a team uses.