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Who has poisoned the sea?

A few weeks after the Indian Ocean tsunami, and it comes to the attention of the UN that a whole lot of people living on the coast of Somalia have started to show signs of acute radiation sickness. And thus emerges the story of how, over the past 15 years, Swiss and Italian corporations have been paying local warlords to allow dumping of various toxic wastes on remote beaches. A sickening example of greed and total lack of responsibility and compassion for life, that the international media isn't really interested in conveying.

Because nobody cares about Africa?

So what if this happened in Britain?

Humans take beaches, fishing grounds and ocean ecosystems for granted. It's not until this destruction and pollution actually starts to affect humans themselves that anyone pays attention. Is anyone paying attention? If not, its just another opportunity to suck the spoils of carnage and destruction from the putrid crack pipe of military industrial capitalism. The UN can try and police this all they want, but nothing will change unless we deal with the root cause - the profit imperative that incentivises companies to sacrifice long term sustainability for short term gain.