Notes Information Apocalypse

Nuclear Weapons are Morally Indefensible

INTERJECTION: "Mr Lange Sir, if I may address you as 'mate', perhaps. You talk about the quality of rationality. Now I've heard many reasons advanced for keeping American sailors out of ports - it usually has something to do with the honour of the women involved, or the property value of the ports. What I should like to know, sir, is why you don't do the honourable and the consistent thing, and pull out of the ANZUS alliance. For whether you are snuggling up to the bomb, or living in the peaceful shadow of the bomb, New Zealand benefits, sir. And that's the question with which we charge you. And that's the question with which we would like an answer, sir."

"And I'm going to give it to you if you hold your breath just for a moment ? I can smell the uranium on it as you lean forward!"

NZ Argument opens with the first published transcript of David Lange's speech from the Oxford Union debate, 1985.