Notes Information Apocalypse

Louisiana flies

The situation in New Orleans painfully illustrates a totality of social disintegration, a powder keg of anger and anarchy primed by the greatest oppressive capitalist state this world has ever seen. Over the last few days, donations have been streaming into the Red Cross from all over the world, but the National Guard is not even letting the Red Cross in to the city itself.

Layer upon layer of agency and interaction, layer upon layer of individual and collective turmoil. A far more complex reality than could ever be effectively conveyed by forms of sociological explanation.

The poor people of Louisiana are not the only casualties in this libertarian disaster. Other dead bodies floating on the surface include neo-liberal economics. It’s utterly meaningless to speak of individual choices and preference functions having any relevance when social conditions of poverty and race have sustained a larger pervasive state of near-war in cities like New Orleans for so long. It’s gone so far that when such massive natural devastation comes, no reaction of common humanity emerges, just individuals exploding.