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How Microformats are Different

In response to More Thoughts on How Microformats are Different, I'm starting to wonder if maybe there is room for another proper noun that describes "a specific compound of semantic XHTML units", that don't quite fall under the Microformats principles.

For example, lately I've been <a href=/erd-in-html">using definition lists to define entity relational diagrams and autogenerate database schemas</a>. This is not a microformat because:

  1. I made it up for my own use, it's not in use anywhere else
  2. It was not influenced by a wider pattern of usage in the community
  3. It is a self-contained set of units, not elemental building blocks

But if it's not a Microformat, it's still something - is there a better way of describing this kind of constructive use of semantic HTML?