Notes Information Apocalypse


		<blockquote class="quote"> That outré architecture the<br> clouds! I came out dog tired<br> my eyes smeared with words<br> &amp; saw them. I had to laugh.<br> Nature exceeds me in everything<br> including folly. That's truth<br> enough for one day believed wasted.<br><br> Beware that breed of men who<br> harp on qualification.<br> If I'm qualified to ruin my eyes<br> why should I? - Look into the<br> distance often, said the specialist.<br> I do, at absurd clouds,<br> at<br><br> clouds, clouds! Being half blind must<br> be like flying above them<br> westward just behind sunset<br> oh how beautiful! as the light<br> fades roseate forever on<br> their foolish architecture &amp;<br> I go inside to...<br>                    imagining this.

- Ian Wedde, 1974