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Cheek By Jowl

it happened cheek by jowl

This is our High Street OUR TOWN is a pretty ordinary place.... converted villas as shops each generation has plugged-into the system of streets and building habit...prolonging such a system CHEEK-BY-JOWL.... the Edwardian store with the Victorian remnant...with the odd piece of MODERNe and inevitably...a point block IMPLANTED

THINGS START HAPPENING... a walkabout deck... the FLESH of the buildings can be pricked and pummelled...a floor goew out here... ...a tent slung there... into the steel frames use any appliance that comes by... minimal skins eat into that tower

LATER the metamorphosis endures loose, floppy skins bugged with sound CHEEK-BY-JOWL the odd, old, terace house ARCHITECTURE AS AN OPTIONAL EXTRA amongst many things... the the perch for the quaint...the individualist space

butterfly homes/vans WHERE? MIGHT IT LEAD which is building and which is growth? architecture as indulgence, as revival, as nostalgia

Peter Cook, 1970

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