Notes Antic Disposition

Both useful and meaningful?

E. A. Vander Veer on the ever shifting design of the Facebook homepage:

What Facebook really wants is to make it easy to get people to categorize and describe themselves -- by "liking" certain posts, fanning certain pages, etc. -- and to interact heavily with each other. These are the keys to monetizing the site.

On Facebook users, and their sense of ownership:

I liken a site redesign to waking up in the morning and finding that someone has moved my toaster and changed all the knobs and slots, so it takes me 10 minutes to figure out how to find and work it. Some people are going to deal with that once, and that will be it. They'll opt out. But a sizable user base (particularly under-30s) believes that joining a "I hate the new Facebook" group is both useful and meaningful. These users will grouse for a while, feel as though they've contributed to some sort of public discourse, and then continue to use the site as usual.