Notes Antic Disposition

Apple and America

We all think of ourselves as so empowered by technology, but how powerful are we if we just sit around and wait for billionaires to tell us what to want? Let's have Steve say a single thing, one single thing on stage tomorrow about the fact that millions of people are out of work right now, or even acknowledge the cataclysmic events in Haiti. Then, maybe, he'll have earned so much of our attention, and be worthy of so much of our spotlight.

Anil Dash

Steve Jobs doesn't give a fuck about you. I promise.

So why-oh-why Mr Dash do you spend a good part of your piece handwringing and guilt-tripping yourself about the fact that you are writing it on a Mac and that you will still be watching Jobs’ keynote as rapt as ever?

A far more powerful and meaningful statement would have been not to watch the keynote. To publically switch off the iVision.