Notes Information Apocalypse

A Real Knowledge Economy

The state of science education in New Zealand, is in dire need of a massive creative rejuvenation, but it can only occur to it's fullest once there is widespread knowledge of an irreconcilable crisis in the overall organization of science. First of all, would be synthesising the connections between geometry, symmetry, and physical structures. Why not teach these things together at the secondary school level instead of persuing the ridiculous split between statistics and calculus that predominantly overlooks the needs of visual learners and puts a whole lot of creative and talented kids off mathematics for life? It's easy to take a narrow minded reductionist view of the world when you look at the way that scientific knowledge has been dissected and crafted off into so many separate disciplines and subdisciplines. But when various ancient connections between mathematics, art, architecture, and music become apparent, the whole world of science suddenly looks a whole lot more exciting.

If New Zealand wants a real knowledge economy instead of a bottom feeding pastoral economy, then it needs to start dealing with questions of real knowledge throughout the school system, not just at the high academic level. If I had my way, the philosophy of science and the problems of nature and evolution would be taught alongside romantic literature and poetry. Basic physics would be taught alongside geometry and computer programming. Instead of teaching kids the worldview of being cogs in a capitalist system, teach them the worldview that everything is connected. Allow them to play with scientific ideas visually. Then see what happens.